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NumPy Cookbook

NumPy Cookbook 1849518920 pdf

Release: 2012-10-25
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Binding: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN: 1849518920

NumPy Cookbook

Over 70 interesting recipes for learning the Python open source mathematical library, NumPy Overview Do high performance calculations with clean and efficient NumPy code Analyze large sets of data with statistical functions Execute complex linear algebra and mathematical computations In Detail Today's world of science and technology is all about speed and flexibility. Free download NumPy Cookbook books collection in PDF, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, and TXT formats. When it comes to scientific computing, NumPy is on the top of the list. NumPy will give you both speed and high productivity. "NumPy Cookbook" will teach you all about NumPy, a leading scientific computing library. NumPy replaces a lot of the functionality of Matlab and Mathematica, but in contrast to those products, it is free and open source. Best deals ebooks download NumPy Cookbook on amazon."Numpy Cookbook" will teach you to write readable, efficient, and fast code that is as close to the language of Mathematics as much as possible with the cutting edge open source NumPy software library. You will learn about installing and using NumPy and related concepts. At the end of the book, we will explore related scientific computing projects. This book will give you a solid foundation in NumPy arrays and universal functions. You will also learn about plotting with Matplotlib and the related SciPy project through examples. "NumPy Cookbook" will help you to be productive with NumPy and write clean and fast code. What you will learn from this book Learn advanced Indexing and linear algebra Know reshaping automatically Dive into Broadcasting and Histograms Profile NumPy code and visualize your profiling results Speed up your code with Cython Use the array interface to expose foreign memory to NumPy Use universal functions and interoperability features Learn about Matplotlib and Scipy which is often used in conjunction with Numpy Approach Written in Cookbook style, the code examples will take your Numpy skills to the next level. Who this book is written for This book will take Python developers with basic Numpy skills to the next level through some practical recipes. NumPy Cookbook with free ebook downloads available via rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared, and hotfile.

Download NumPy Cookbook

download NumPy Cookbook

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