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Design for Emotion

Design for Emotion 012386531X pdf

Edition: 1
Release: 2012-07-06
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Binding: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN: 012386531X

Design for Emotion

"Emotion is the heart and soul of every product we encounter. Free download Design for Emotion books collection in PDF, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, and TXT formats. Van Gorp and Adams have written an essential guide to product design success that places emotion squarely in the middle of design practice where it belongs. Starting from well-grounded evidence, they distill emotional design into a set of fundamentals any designer would be wise to adopt. Whether you are a business leader, practitioner, or consumer, this book will change how you think about design." - Ken Fry, Design Director, Artefact -
Creative professionals who design consumer products, entertainment, software, websites, marketing, and communications are beginning to appreciate the importance of evoking emotions and personality to capture viewers' attention and create satisfying experiences. Best deals ebooks download Design for Emotion on amazon.

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